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Paul Eccles on left with Ricardo Adonas from Chile with Paul's Packard Hawk in background



Paul's 1966 Daytona with Best Studebaker Award at ROG  

Our Club President gained an early love for cars, as his father was in the motor trade.  One particular car that his father owned, was a late 1930s Studebaker which left quite an impression.  Paul and his wife Elaine live in Bolton, Lancs.  Starting with a 1962 GT Hawk, he then purchased a 1963 Avanti.  On a visit to Miami, he stayed at a hotel in the ‘Art Deco’ area where for a number of years, a 1958 Packard hard-top was parked outside as an advertisement.  It couldn’t be missed as its colour was lavender with a white top.  There were only a few hundred made and the one Paul obtained was in a ‘dirty’ kind of gold colour.  He determined to have his in the same colour and set about having it re-painted, while he coloured the interior to match!  Paul’s latest addition to his ‘flock’ is a 1966 Daytona, one of the last Studebaker’s built at the plant in Hamilton, Ont., Canada before auto production ended.  Paul used this car for the 2011 Suffolk Tour.






Rex Burr with Gerald Tucker from Florida USA



1958 Silver Hawk owned by Rex Burr



Rex lives close to Norwich with his wife Ann.  He worked for Lotus Cars as an engineer before retirement. Starting with a mid-fifties Ford, he then acquired a 1957 Studebaker Classic sedan.  As that needed some work, he decided that he needed to become a Studebaker driver sooner rather than later, so purchased a lovely 1958 Silver Hawk.





Arthur Melrose and Pat Donlan at the ROG in 2002 


The year 2002 was the 150th anniversary of Studebaker.  A huge celebration was held in Studebaker’s home town of South Bend Indiana.  Not content just to be there as a dozen of us were, Pat shipped his 1962 GT Hawk to Baltimore, drove it from there all the way across country to California, before calling in at the Studebaker Meet, on his way back! 



1960 Hawk owned by Arthur Melrose


Arthur lives with his wife Eileen in Hampshire.  He came to Studebaker much earlier than the rest of us.  While still a young man, he had two different late 1940’s Studebakers.  In more recent years, he has spent ten years restoring a 1960 Hawk.  The wait seemed endless but now he has a car to be proud of and displays it at every opportunity at many shows each year.


Greg Diffen - Editor of the Club Magazine.
Greg hails from Melbourne Australia and has had a keen interest in cars in general, and Studebakers in particular, from an early age.  He is now the proud owner of six Studebakers ranging from 1933 to 1988 and also owns two Packards and a Corvette Stingray.  His favourite car is the 1937 Studebaker sedan, which was his wedding car when he married in Melbourne.  






1937 Studebaker Dictator sedan owned by Greg Diffen

Greg met his wife Kristine when he was working in Canada, they came to England in 2001 and now live in Warwick with their young family. The much loved Studebaker sedan came to the UK in 2005, and is now used as the family car.